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Friendly Technologies is a leading provider of carrier-class device management software for the IoT/M2M, Smart Home and Triple Play broadband services. Our “best-of-breed" approach enables service providers to manage multiple types of devices on one platform and avoid device dependency. Friendly is using standard protocols, such as TR-069, OMA-DM, LWM2M, MQTT, SNMP and non-standard protocols as well.

Friendly’s platform enables customers to automatically connect and provision new devices, monitor QoE, configure and update firmware remotely, and streamline their support services, while its server and cloud-based solutions offer analytical insights to service providers. more »




For Carriers and Service Providers

Any Device. Any Service. Any Network

•Friendly TR-069 Device Management Suite
•Friendly TR-069 Cloud ACS
•Friendly Device Management for Wireless Broadband
•Friendly QoE Monitoring Pro for Data, VoIP and IPTV services
Any content from any source at any time in any format, that’s the flexibility VidZapper offer. more »


Internet of




Internet of Things Management Platform

Friendly’s Internet of Things solution is a robust, unified device management platform for any vertical, such as:

  • Smart City
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking

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Friendly Embedded Clients


Friendly LWM2M Embedded Client

Suitable for the Internet of Things market, this client is designed to manage devices with limited CPU and memory and meet demands for energy savings.

Main features

  • Minimum requirements for power, RAM and connectivity bandwidth
  • Based on efficient, secure IETF standards (CoAP and DTLS with UDP and SMS bindings)
  • Interfaces: Bootstrapping – pre-provisioned or client/server initiated; Registration – Registers the client and its objects; Management and service enablement – server access to object or resource; Information reporting – notifications with new resource values
  • Object model: Object defines resources (each can have instances); Straightforward definition of new objects; Registration of object IDs with the OMA Naming Authority (OMNA)

Friendly OMA-DM Embedded Client

The OMA-DM embedded client is designed for device manufacturers and mobile carriers, and allows the deployment of embedded clients for device management and support—specifically for devices that run over a Linux/Android OS, such as dongles, gateways, 4G routers, healthcare and security devices, and cars.

Main features

  • Registration and provisioning
  • Full data model management
  • FUMO – Update Android ROM image over-the-air
  • APN (Access Point) configuration (objects for SMS, MMS, and Internet access)
  • Diagnostics and monitoring
  • Restart device
  • Additional functionalities available upon request

Friendly TR-069 Embedded Client

Friendly TR-069 Embedded Client is suitable for Telco, Smart Home and Internet of Things solutions.


Friendly Automated TR-069 Tester Tool

Save Hundreds of Manual Work Hours in a Few Minutes of Automated Testing

Test Your Devices' TR-069 Compatibility with One Click! Expedit time-to-market and avoid inter-operability problems that might affect your operations. In just a few minutes of automated comprehensible testing you can save hundreds of man hours of hard manual and frustrating work. Avoid unpleasant and hardly discoverable inter-operability surprises during or after the field installation stage.

The solution is offered as SaaS or Stand-alone lab installation.

Click here for a full list of features and tests.

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Mar. 25th , 2021

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Micro Digital released SMX V5.0 RTOS
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MapuSoft Technologies Honored for Export Success with Governor’s Trade Excellence Awards View PR Mar 23, 2016

New Release Of Porting, Simulation & Development Tools View PR Feb 17, 2016


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