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No. 1 Provider in Embedded SW Re-use

NEW!! Providing Free 90-Day OS Simulator™ License

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Dear RTOS Development Managers,
MapuSoft’s OS Simulator™ allows engineers to develop and test embedded applications for VxWorks, Linux,   ThreadX, Nucleus, Windows, pSOS and uITRON operating systems. OS Simulator can be installed on an x86 Windows/Linux host environment.
  • Add free development seats to your current embedded project and reduce development cost
  • Add free seats to your SQA team for product integration and testing
  • A no-cost way to quickly learn many popular Operating Systems
  • Virtualized testing of application code on host computers
  • Simulate, run and test an entire embedded system on Windows or Linux host computer
  • Improve your project schedule with free licenses

*Offer valid only for businesses & educational institution staffs doing embedded development and is limited to 5 seats per company/institution.

Click here to request your free license

See detailed information

Freedom Protection Stability
Mapusoft Technologies is the leading provider of porting and abstraction solutions that increase the level of
code re-use to protect software investment.
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Micro Digital Announces SecureSMX® Next Generation RTOS
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Mar. 25th , 2021

Friendly and Kenton Join Forces to Bring Cloud-Based Device Management to the UK View PR Feb. 1st , 2022

Micro Digital released SMX V5.0 RTOS
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ReadyNet Adopts Friendly's Device Management Solution for TR-069 View PR 04 December 2016

Friendly Technologies Laungches New Automatic CPE Problem Resolution Tool for TR-069 Device Management View PR 29 November 2016

Leading Provider of Water Service Management Solution Chooses Friendly Technologies View PR 02 November 2016

MapuSoft Technologies Honored for Export Success with Governor’s Trade Excellence Awards View PR Mar 23, 2016

New Release Of Porting, Simulation & Development Tools View PR Feb 17, 2016


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